EMS Acquires Thin Metal Parts

We are pleased to announce the purchase of Thin Metal Parts LLC (TMP) by Engineered Materials Solutions LLC (EMS). Thin Metal Parts (www.thinmetalparts.com) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado is an ITAR registered company which has built a strong business providing micro components to the defense, aerospace, medical, audio and other markets. TMP has used their […]

EV Reporter Sponsored Article

Check out our article with EV Reporter highlighting SIGMACLAD! Click the link to read our sponsored article: Li-ion battery pack connector plates with high thermal and electrical conductivity that are easily welded | Whitepaper • EVreporter

Charged EV Magazine x EMS

Check out our article on Charged EV, diving into SIGMACLAD’s benefits and usefulness as Li-Ion Cell Connectors. Clikc the link to discover more about SIGMCLAD and sign up for the Whitepaper to learn more about SIGMCLAD as a Cell Connector: Charged EVs | Li-ion battery pack connector plates with high thermal and electrical conductivity that […]

Wickeder Group Asia Co. Ltd. (WGA)

April 19, 2023:  Wickeder Group Asia Co. Ltd. (WGA) recently celebrated the completion of a multiyear investment program to increase factory capacity, expand processing capability, and improve the facility and infrastructure.  The program included the purchase of the factory buildings, the land use rights, and the installation of 4-high cold bonding and other support equipment.  […]

International Battery Seminar & Exhibit

On March 20th-23rd EMS will be attending the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit in Orlando, FL. Join us at Booth #112 to learn about our featured product SIGMACLAD and other Clad products. SIGMACLAD

Have You Ever Wondered How Clad is Made?

There are several ways we make clad metals at EMS, yet, the most common method is by a continuous roll bonding process that combines two or more strips of metal. And the key benefit of cladding is the ability to combine the most desirable characteristics from different metals into a unique new metal composite that allows you […]

Check out our own Chuck Corneau in Blueprint Magazine

Our Facilities Director, Chuck Corneau, has been featured in Blueprint Magazine! Blueprint’s goal is to put a spotlight on the facilities professionals who are creating, maintaining and imagining better spaces. Chuck has been working diligently to bring EMS to the next level of sustainability.   Check out the article HERE.  A downloadable version can also […]

New Name for EMSC

We have taken the actions to officially change the name of our company in China from 铱美特殊合金有限公司 Engineered Materials Solutions Special Alloys (China) Co. Ltd. to 威科德金属有限公司 Wickeder Group Asia Co. Ltd. The name change reflects the expanded role of the team in the Shanghai office to represent all the Wickeder Group Companies to the […]