Edge Clad Metal

Advantages of Edge Clad

Some metals cannot be joined reliably by traditional welding processes. This includes copper to aluminum which is desired for many Li-Ion battery applications. Edge cladding creates a strong reliable joint that can be used in a variety of applications. The edge clad joint provides not only good mechanical strength, but also good electrical and thermal performance. Unique edge clad solutions can be created for specific customer applications and needs.

Copper Aluminum CoreLok®​

CoreLok® edge clad copper to aluminum provides superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and thermal performance. The strength of the CoreLok® joint exceeds that of the aluminum alloy. This material can be used to join copper and aluminum battery tabs in a busway system or to replace copper tabs with copper/aluminum tabs allowing for an all aluminum busway design.

Li-Ion Lead Tabs

Copper Aluminum Corelok® provides a low cost high performance solution for li-ion battery tab joining. The leads or tabs from Li-ion pouch and prismatic cells are often configured with one lead of copper and the other lead of aluminum. This creates a challenge for joining copper to aluminum with the busbar. By replacing one of the leads with a Corelok® lead, the busbar joining can be applied to all aluminum to aluminum connections. This greatly simplifies the welding process.


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