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Do you have a new product idea?


Do you need a material solution?

New materials are the driving force behind your innovations.

Clad materials help you to develop new functionalities and significantly improve existing technical or material solutions. The material research and development department plays an important role at EMS to realize new metal clad products.
EMS offers tailor-made cladding combinations for your application in addition to our standard products. As an experienced partner, we offer you comprehensive expertise in form, strength, function, conductivity, longevity, safety and many other material properties.

Consulting on Materials

EMS Product Development & Applications Engineers are available for consultation on optimal material selection for a wide range for customer application challenges.

Material Concept

Based on customer needs, EMS Product Development & Applications Engineers can offer unique clad engineered material solutions with properties that are tailored to meet customer specific needs.


EMS has all the prototyping capabilities needed to bring material design concepts to reality. We are equipped to provide plate bonded lab samples, short run production materials, and even prototype fabricated parts.

Material Specifications

Once material concepts are validated through test, EMS engineers will work with our customers to define and document the material specifications for future production.

Our prototype process can be as simple as providing one sheet of an existing clad material for initial evaluation to scaled up and fast delivery of unique clad materials using lab or production equipment.

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