Electrical Grade Thermostatic Bimetal

Electrical Grade

Electrical Grade Thermostatic Bimetal is widely used in Circuit Breakers, Appliances, Automobiles, and other applications where there is a need to sense and react to temperature changes.
Electrical Grade Bimetal is typically thicker (T > 0.3mm) and moves linearly as a function of a rise in temperature. It is also often a current carrying element in an end application. Whether it is protecting your home’s electrical circuits, controlling your oven temperature, or making sure your car does not overheat, our Electrical Grade Thermostatic Bimetal can offer you the most reliable and cost effective solution to these sensing and control concerns.
Our global manufacturing, the breadth of our product offering, the quality of our products, and the depth of our application knowledge is unrivaled in the industry. Throughout our history, EMS Thermostatic Bimetal has been the preferred material for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of circuit breakers, appliance controls, and automotive components. Let us know how we can help you.


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Physical & Mechanical Properties

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