In today’s world of intense competition and hyper-speed, going it alone is no longer an option.  Its the reason we place such strong emphasis on the concept of a strategic alliance with our customers.  By working together we can create products that perfectly match your application needs.
Our extensive material testing and characterization procedures have capabilities that range from in-depth surface analysis to complex corrosion testing.
Our Bulk Analysis Lab performs a variety of tests on incoming materials and in-process or finished materials, as well as on products that you may want tested.

Our Surface Analytical Lab examines surface characteristics associated with the development of new clad systems, or with maintaining the quality of on-going production.

Our Non-Destructive Lab develops and implements new techniques and process control instrumentation for detecting and measuring the properties of clad metal, its structure, components and assemblies.

Our Welding and Brazing Lab solves joining problems that involve clad metal systems and uses Differential Thermal Analysis and other procedures to develop new joining methods.

Our Corrosion Lab carries out accelerated testing, in-service tests, and field tests that include salt spray, cyclic humidity, immersion, polarization and controlled potential, and more.

EMS continues to invest in systems controls, measurement tools, state-of-the-art processing equipment and in our technical and operations personnel training.  It’s our goal to provide you with the best support possible, so you are able to get to the market faster and with a better product.