Create 1000's of Combinations

Flavors of Cladding Materials

Select from 2 to over 7 layers in various stack designs…full overlay where widths of each layer are the same… inlay stripes of narrow layers pressed into wider base layers…Corelok TM fully encapsulates a metal layer within an outer layer of another metal
Pick dimensions – gauges ranging from 0.001” up to 0.300”… widths from 0.062” to 27”
Pick delivery condition…100 to 10,000 lb coils… stamped or formed parts…tempers from soft annealed to heat treated or rolled tempers for higher strength
Pick surface conditions such as as-rolled, bright annealed, #8 polished surface, brushed


1000’s of multi-layer clad combinations are possible starting with most any metal on the periodic table!