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Materials in the automotive sector have to endure the toughest of requirements. They must also be attune to the latest developments, such as being lightweight, cost effective and most importantly, safe. Choosing the correct clad metal material for your application is crucial. We can help.

Stainless Clad Aluminum Bumper

Stainless Clad Aluminum has a proven track record of over 30 years in the class 8 truck industry as a bright, durable, and light weight bumper material. This material combines corrosion resistant S301 austenitic stainless with a A3003 aluminum to produce a formable but tough composite. Typical stainless thickness ratios are 25 and 32%, balance aluminum which result in a 50% weight savings over chrome or painted steel. Dimensions include gauges up to 0.200″ and widths up to 26″. Highly reflective and polished, we provide both coil and sheet.
“Corrosion performance is superior compared to chrome or painted steel bumpers and has longer warranty periods.
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Transmission Thermal Management / Flow Control Applications

Controlling transmission temperature within an optimal range can have a significant impact on automotive performance and fuel efficiency. Thermostatic Bimetal is a simple, cost effective, highly reliable solution to many automotive thermal management problems. In transmission applications Thermostatic Bimetal can also be used to control oil levels in front wheel drive automotive transmissions at optimal levels over all temperature ranges. It can also be used in oil cooler bypass functions to quickly heat transmission oil to optimal temperature and control it with a desired range. Regardless of the application, we have the materials and applications expertise to help you with material selection, part design, and manufacturing. 
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Engine Thermal Management

Thermostatic Bimetal coils and stamped parts have long been used in viscous fan drives to engage and disengage cooling fans based on engine compartment temperatures assuring that your engine keeps operating at optimal temperatures.
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Accessory Motor Protection

Today’s automobiles are heavily reliant electrical subsystems to run comfortably, reliably, and most importantly safely. Thermostatic Bimetal is routinely used in control devices that assure you and your passengers arrive at your destination safely and comfortably every time. Electric motors running windshield wipers, power seats, window lifts, and other safety and convenience systems rely on controls using Thermostatic Bimetal to make sure that they run reliably and without fail.
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Circuit Protection

Fuses have long been used to protect delicate automotive circuitry. However, miniature automotive circuit breakers using Thermostatic Bimetal are resettable alternatives to commonly single use fuses.
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Cigarette Lighter

Thermostatic Bimetal can even be used to regulate the temperature on your car’s cigarette lighter. Just push the button on the lighter and – POP – the bimetal element will release the lighter signaling it has reached the necessary temperature to ignite your cigarette. 
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Drum Brakes

The feel and performance of drum brakes can be enhanced using Thermostatic Bimetal. Thermally compensated adjusters allow brake manufacturers to design smaller clearances between pad and drum without risk of rubbing and premature pat wear. 
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Transition Material

Rapid increases in the use of aluminum in vehicles has required innovative joining and welding solutions to traditional materials like steel. Steel clad aluminum solves this joining problem since it eliminates problems with crevice corrosion or difficult weld techniques.
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Roller Bearing Cage

Bearing rings made from Brass or Bronze Clad Steel provide smooth, safe operation since the composite offers both good wear resistance and high strength.
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Stainless Oil Cooler

Decades of design experience have proven Clads offer lower assembly costs and higher manufacturing yields compared to using thin braze foils or paste. Applications range from off-road equipment, HDD trucks to passenger cars.
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IGBT Modules

Increased heat and thermal dissipation requirements demand new cooling solutions designed around current automotive systems. Copper Clad Aluminum up to 7mm in thickness can solve many of these needs. 
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