Running Cooler for Longer

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics such as cell phones and computers rely on unique clad metals combinations of copper and stainless to remove heat from internal components while providing strength and joining options such as welding.  
For electronic packaging applications, stainless clad aluminum offers the bright, durable properties of stainless combined with the lightweight of aluminum.  
Looking for the high tech properties of titanium?  Titanium has a high strength to weight ratio, is biocompatible, and can also be anodized if color options are needed.   These properties are the reason titanium alloys are used in aerospace, laptop, and medical applications.

Handheld Device Heat Sink

Increasing heat concerns in cell phones and other hand held devices or higher power electronics are pushing the limits of heat sink technology. Copper or aluminum clad stainless offers better thermal performance while not sacrificing weldability or aesthetics.
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Stainless Steel Clad Aluminum

Stainless Clad Aluminum has a proven track record of over 30 years as a bright, durable, and light weight material. This material combines corrosion resistant S301 austenitic stainless with a A3003 aluminum to produce a formable but tough composite. Typical stainless thickness ratios are 25 and 32%, balance aluminum which result in a 50% weight savings over chrome or painted steel. Dimensions include gauges up to 0.200″ and widths up to 26″. We provide both coil and sheet.
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EMS has clad pure or alloyed titanium to aluminum, copper and various ferrous materials to provide unique solutions for cookware, laptop computers and sporting goods. A thin layer of titanium on a base metal can provide higher strength while still being economical due to the lower titanium composition in the final product.
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