We have taken the actions to officially change the name of our company in China from 铱美特殊合金有限公司 Engineered Materials Solutions Special Alloys (China) Co. Ltd. to 威科德金属有限公司 Wickeder Group Asia Co. Ltd.

The name change reflects the expanded role of the team in the Shanghai office to represent all the Wickeder Group Companies to the customers in China. This marks a new level of cooperation and integration of our sales and new business development activities.

The name change also applies to our manufacturing facility in Baoying where we are currently implementing a major capital investment to expand the capabilities and capacity of the manufacturing operations. The new name reflects the affiliation to the Wickeder Group, which is internationally established as a specialist in materials solutions and precision technology.

With the new company name we set an example for the future and standards for innovations, continuity, quality, competence, and a growing product range that meets the high demands of our customers. The company remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Engineered Materials Solutions, LLC.