Copper Clad Aluminum

Clad cookware utilizing a thermally conductive copper or an aluminum core inserted between deep drawing quality, food compatible stainless is the benchmark for cookware. EMS produces a variety of thicknesses, widths and constructions to meet any cookware or bakeware need.


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Stainless / Aluminum / Stainless

For many years serious cooks and chefs have appreciated the performance benefits - even heat conduction, light weight, and easy clean up - of Stainless Steel Clad Aluminum cookware. Our roll-to-roll cladding process allows cost effective production of superior cookware that is clad overall, not just on the bottom. The process is also exceptionally precise, even at high volumes, holding tolerances as tight at 0.001", making our Stainless Clad Aluminum ideal for induction cookware which requires a uniform magnetic layer to eliminate uneven heating.


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Unique Material Systems

EMS has developed unique material systems for exclusive use by specific customers in the cookware market. These clad metal systems incorporate a range of metals including; Ferritic Stainless Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, and Titanium Alloys. EMS provides cookware products in coil and blanked disc forms. 


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