Circuit Breakers

Electrical Grade Thermostatic Bimetal has long been used as the activating element in residential and industrial circuit breakers.  When current draw exceeds the circuit's amperage rating the Thermostatic Bimetal will overheat and trip the breaker which interrupts the current flow through the circuit. The world's leading producers of circuit breakers rely on the quality and performance of EMS Thermostatic Bimetal Strip and Parts for this critical safety application.


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Busbars and Busways

Copper Clad Aluminum combines the light weight benefits of Aluminum with the high electrical and thermal characteristics and excellent heat dissipation of Copper for many applications in the electrical distribution market.


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Fuse Clips

Copper Clad Steel combines the physical attributes of steel and high conductivity for applications from flat to canterlever-type springs or parts. Applications such as fuse clips, connectors, terminals, and circuit breaker applications.


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Cable Shielding

EMS pioneered the development of clad shielding to protect buried telephone wire decades ago. Clad protects against mechanical and rodent damage, and errant electrical strikes which can disrupt service and be costly to repair. A low alloy steel core offers superior toughness while a low carbon core reduces costs and is a good substitute for costly copper alloys.


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