Home Appliance Controls (White Goods)

Whether it is a washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, or other appliance it relies heavily on the electric motor control and protection devices to keep them running efficiently and safely. Those protection devices are reliant on Thermostatic Bimetal to operate properly. Our Discgrade Thermostatic Bimetal is the choice of many leading industry producers of these safety-critical controls because of its consistency, quality, and performance. 


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RAC / HVAC / Refrigeration


Compressors used in room air conditioning and refrigeration applications rely on controls to cycle them on and off reliably and safely to ensure that desired ambient temperatures are maintained. Those compressor controls also rely on our Discgrade Thermostatic Bimetal to ensure they run properly. 


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Small Appliance


Steam Irons, Hot Plates, and Water Kettles are just a few examples of small household appliances we use in our daily life that rely on Thermostatic Bimetal controls to set and maintain the user desired temperatures.


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Stainless Clad Aluminum Soleplate

Gleaming, scratch resistant stainless backed by a thermal spreading aluminum layer achieves a perfect balance for traditional steam iron surfaces. Although the material design has been used for years, consumers are showing renewed interest in the beauty and durability of a metallic surface compared to others with ceramic type coatings. 


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