Quality Meets Savings

EMS can provide a number of Nickel alloys for your cladding and welding needs.  Our high-grade materials ensure superior welding joints, even in the most challenging of conditions or environments. With EMS, you can cut material costs and save time, without sacrificing quality.




• Sea Water Applications

• High Temperature Reactors & Fatigue-stressed Joints

• Dissimilar combination of steels

• Joining & Surfacing of gray cast iron

• Surfacing of low alloy & unalloyed steels, including Marine Grades



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North America

Eric Schriver

Nickel Strip Product Manager

Phone: +1 508 342 2441
Mobile: +1 508 838 0128

E-mail:  eschriver@remove-this.emsclad.com

North America

Barbara Donnelly

Inside Sales - Nickel Strip Products
Office: +1 508 342 2133
Fax: +1 508 342 2501

E-mail: bdonnelly@remove-this.emsclad.com