Roll Grind Operator

Job Code: RGO22


Position Summary:  Set up and operate a variety of precision grinding machines to perform production grinding of machine work rolls to close tolerances where grinding methods and sequences are predetermined and established tooling provided.


  1. Performs operations such as grinding compound angles, internal and external spherical radii, contours and long exact tapers on products
  2. Selects, mounts and aligns various specialized attachments and standard tooling
  3. Interprets blueprints, sketches and engineering specifications. Dresses trues and shapes grinding wheels


Education and Experience:  High School or Equivalency diploma.  Related machine experience required.

Physical Demands:  Heavy lifting up to 40 lbs., standing up to 75% of the time.

Environment:  Manufacturing environment:  high noise, high dust, dirt and grease, exposure to temperature over 90 degrees 20% of the time.

Additional details: Reports to Manufacturing Supervisor.  Hourly position.


Contact HR to apply.  Please reference job code RGO22