Bonding Mill Operator

Job Code: BMO22


Position Summary:  Process material through the bonding mill by following defined processes for the manufacture of multi-layer clad materials.


  1. Perform set-up of the mill and cleaning of the line.
  2. Identify and correct areas of deficiency prior to the start up of the mill and while running.
  3. Process material through the bonding mill by following defined processes and procedures.
  4. Check material in accordance with process sheet and assure thickness tolerance and surface quality of the material meets specified requirements.
  5. Use hand tools and handheld measuring instruments.
  6. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment as scheduled.
  7. Maintain acceptable level of housekeeping and cleanliness in area.
  8. Maintain production records and make data entries into computer systems such as, Oracle, Kronos, etc.
  9. Wear all required PPE at all times.
  10. Other duties as required.


Education and Experience:  High School or Equivalency Diploma.  Must have ability to read and understand written instructions in English, use handheld instruments, have knowledge of Basic Shop Math, and experience operating continuous metal strip processing equipment preferred.

Physical Demands: Heavy lifting up to 35 lbs. and standing up to 90% of the time.

Environment:  Manufacturing environment:  high noise, high dust, dirt and grease, exposure to temperature over 90 degrees 10% of the time.

Additional details:  Reports to Manufacturing Supervisor.  Hourly position.  


Contact HR to apply.  Please reference job code BMO22