Bonding Mill Operator

Job Code: BMA22


Position Summary:  Assist Bonding Mill Operator in bonding material through bonding mills. Use ordinary arithmetic and various adjustable measuring instruments. Assist in making experimental runs of new materials as required. Refer unusual conditions to Bonding Mill Operator. The main purpose of this position is to keep the mills operating, assist the Operator and Lead Operator and train to become a Bonding Mill Operator.


  1. Plan and perform various operations necessary to set-up and operate bonding line equipment.
  2. Plan and layout work in accordance with most efficient operating practices
  3. Check material in accordance with process sheet and specifications
  4. Clear, diagnose and correct troubles.
  5. Change brushes in brushing machinery as needed.
  6. Refer to Operator or Leadman defective materials and faulty operations.
  7. Assist, instruct and direct work of bonding mill operator.
  8. Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly manner.
  9. Adhere to prescribed safety rules and regulations.
  10. Set up and clean mill.
  11. Learn how to operate a mill as required.
  12. Perform additional duties as required .


Education and Experience:  High School or Equivalency Diploma.  Experience operating related equipment.

Physical Demands: Heavy lifting up to 25 lbs. and standing up to 60% of the time.

Environment:  Manufacturing environment:  high noise, high dust, dirt and grease, exposure to temperature over 90 degrees 20% of the time.

Additional details:  Reports to Manufacturing Supervisor.  Hourly position.  


Contact HR to apply.  Please reference job code BMA22