created by Val Folkin

Cognex SmartView®

EMS Attleboro adds Ametek’s (Cognex) SmartView® surface vision system to improve product quality, by using two cameras to inspect each side of our clad materials. High intensity LED lights and 4096 pixel line scan cameras are used to inspect the strip down to a pixel size of .0068” (173 micron) at 19,000 scans per second.


Cameras use bright field and dark field views to detect and classify defects by type, severity, and frequency. The system’s smart learning function builds a defect library to continuously improve the classification of defects in the correct categories. These eyes never blink when inspecting coils up to 5 miles in length (8 KM).


Photo shows bright field and dark field cameras inspecting bright light stripe at 19,000 scans per second as material passes over a rubber roll.