created by Paul Duffy

EMS Goes Green

As a part of our ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption, EMS has installed high efficiency LED lighting throughout the Attleboro manufacturing facility.


With over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space to illuminate, the selection of light sources and controls has a significant impact on our electricity consumption. The new high efficiency LED lights provide greater illuminating capacity while cutting energy consumption by roughly 40%. We converted a small area in 2015 as a trial, but have converted the balance of building 4 during the second quarter of 2016. The feedback from employees and visitors has all been positive. The LED lights require less energy per lumen and are operated by motion sensors allowing for complete shutdown during nonworking hours.


This capital project truly is a win-win situation. The lower energy consumption means less impact to the environment and lower electricity usage going forward. EMS was also able to reduce the investment required thanks to credits from the utility companies. This project is one of several completed during the past two years to reduce costs while reducing our impact on the environment. EMS is committed to being good corporate citizens and members of the local community.