created by Paul Duffy

EMS Adds to Mechanical Testing Capabilities

The EMS Attleboro facility has added two new Tinius Olsen mechanical testing machines to our inspection lab.


The testing machines are in use for both production material certification and development testing. They measure the mechanical properties of strip product, principally the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation limit. These are standard properties used to qualify and certify for most customers.


The horizontal line is used for higher strength larger cross section samples and has a load limit of 22,250 N. The vertical line is specific for small cross section, low strength materials and has a load limit of 250 N. The horizontal line has a built-in extensometer for direct elongation measurement. Both machines are linked to the Horizon software system that automatically calculates the 0.2% elongation yield strength, automatic data download, has customizable reports and recalculates results based on actual sample dimensions.