created by Paul Duffy

EMS Commissions New Wide Slitting Line

The EMS Attleboro facility has commissioned a 660mm wide slitting line for thin gauge products. The slitter is designed with several unique features to meet our customer requirements. The line has a minimum number of contact points to minimize the potential for cosmetic damage to the strip during the slitting process. It also features a slip core winding system to maintain winding tension without the need for a pit of other correcting mechanism. The slitter can run strip up to 660mm wide at high line speeds and uses a turn-style off-loading system for efficient material handling.


The slitter is another significant investment by EMS to upgrade our equipment capabilities and meet the increasingly strict quality requirements for our customers. The growth markets for clad metals are predominantly for applications with strict product quality, performance and appearance. EMS is evolving our business to meet these needs and this slitter is one step in that progression.