created by Paul Duffy

EMS Commissions Ungerer SBL Line

The EMS Attleboro facility has commissioned a 660mm wide Ungerer SBL line for thin gage products. The line will be used for leveling wide clad strip products for battery, consumer electronics and other applications. SBL or Stretch Bend Leveling is process to reduce the residual stresses in strip to improve the flatness of the material.


The SBL line was originally built by Ungerer in Pforzheim Germany and has been upgraded to include the latest technology of leveling head and cassettes. The leveling heads are a critical part of the machine technology to produce the desired strip properties. The machine is equipped with a shape measurement system to provide continuous feedback on the shape of the strip in real time while running.


The rebuild of the line was a major project requiring many resources working together to achieve the objective. The team should be commended for a great job successfully getting the line rebuilt and into production. The line is operation and in full production.