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Get to know our team! - Rob Weiermair

Located in California, Robert Weiermair operates as both an executive and consultant primarily in roles of Strategy, Business Development, and Operations. He has served as both the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of companies in the renewable Energy Sector including electric autonomous vehicles, Energy Storage, Hydrogen and Natural Gas Fueling and Vehicle component development, Fuel Cells and LED and Plasma Lighting. He is also been a consultant to politicians and financial institutions in the area of investment and policy relating to clean technologies.


Previously he served as COO at Trexa / Railscout / Landsystems (unmanned autonomous vehicles for inspecting infrastructure) , CEO of Earth Energy Fuels (CNG fueling infrastructure), and CEO of Cyclone Energy (hydrogen fueling infrastructure, hydrogen production and vehicle retrofits). He has held positions as Business Development Manager for both Engineered Materials Solutions and Texas Instruments in their Materials, Sensors and Controls group. Robert received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada and also studied at the Montan University in Leoben, Austria Dipl. Ing program.


Robert's areas of specialty include, Metals and Materials, Mining, Alternative energy, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Rail, Manufacturing, Energy, Truck and Automotive, Autonomous vehicle, Sustainability, Sensors and Controls and Film. Robert speaks, English, German, French, Italian and some Spanish. He is your contact for the West Coast, Texas, Canada, and the surrounding areas!





Robert Weiermair MSc.

Business Development Manager

Engineered Materials Solutions

39 Perry Avenue

Attleboro, MA 02703

Phone: +1 310 699 2922