created by Paul Duffy

New MicroVu Measurement System

EMS Attleboro has installed a new strip shape measurement system. The MicroVu 661 system was originally purchased to support a new customer program, but will be used for other products as well. The system, shown in the photo, uses both optical and laser scanners to measure the shape of strip or parts.


The bed size is 650mm x 680mm so large parts and strip can be measured. The system resolution is 0.1 micron and overall accuracy is 2.5 microns. The machine can be programmed to run a predefined set of measurements for each product and output the data in Excel format.


We anticipate using this system for multiple products in our Attleboro facility. As product quality standards of the industry continue to advance, EMS will continue to improve our capabilities to produce our products. This investment, similar to the Cognex strip surface inspection system, helps us to deliver top quality products to our customers' critical applications.