Position Summary:  The lead operator is capable of operating multiple furnaces with minimal support.  In addition to having operating responsibility, will act as a lead operator and be able to coordinate daily jobs with other furnace operators and provide coverage across all shifts when necessary.


  1. Set, monitor, and regulate furnace controls to process materials as required by route card and/or SOP instructions
  2. Operate overhead cranes and forktrucks to move, load, and unload coils of material.
  3. Follow production schedule as required.
  4. Use material handling equipment and other rigging.
  5. Perform peel testing of product.
  6. Use hand tools and handheld measuring instruments, and other equipment as needed.
  7. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment.
  8. Remove defective material from coils.
  9. Use mechanical joiner to connect coil ends and allow coils to run without stops.
  10. Complete production and material quality data logs as necessary.
  11. Diagnose equipment and material problems and assist other operators in troubleshooting; take corrective actions as necessary.
  12. Understand procedures for start-up/shut down of the furnace.
  13. Understand procedures for re-threading strip annealing lines.
  14. Assist in all clean ups and set ups for all furnaces.
  15. Assist in training and instructing other operators on furnaces.
  16. Assist other operators in getting supplies, moving materials and other production duties, as necessary.
  17. Ensure that Oracle and Excel transactions are completed consistently and accurately for the area.
  18. Facilitate communication between furnace operators, engineering and/or supervision.
  19. Monitor work flow through area via written and verbal communication across shifts.
  20. Wear all required PPE at all times.
  21. Maintain an acceptable level of housekeeping order and cleanliness in the area.
  22. Be flexible and willing to work on off shifts if necessary.
  23. Other duties as required.


Education and Experience:  High School or Equivalency Diploma.  Must have ability to read and understand written instructions in English, use handheld instruments, have knowledge of Basic Shop Math and solid comprehension skills, computer skills, and experience operating related equipment preferred.

Physical Demands: Heavy lifting up to 40 lbs. and standing up to 90% of the time.

Environment:  Manufacturing environment:  high noise, high dust, dirt and grease, exposure to temperature over 90 degrees 20% of the time.

Additional details:  Reports to Manufacturing Supervisor.  Hourly position - pay range $20.70 to $29.00 per hour.


Contact HR to apply.  Please reference job code FNO22